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Eatery Food Delivery App


UI/UX Design, Interaction Design, App Design


June 2019


The aim of this project was to design and prototype an improved version of the food delivery app Eatery. Based on interview sessions and usability testings, user research indicates that there are several improvements needed, in order to optimize the user experience.

One of the main issues is that customers are having difficulty locating previous orders and there is a lack of a search and filter option.

Furthermore it's necessary to simplify the order process, because there are too many steps and the cart is hard to edit. Also a trigger alert is needed when the wrong address is selected and visualize the order status and progress with a delivery map experience.

Order History

Order History

Customers are having difficulty locating previous orders.


By clicking the settings icon, a menu slides out where you can easily find your most recent orders. Select a recent order and you'll get the details of that order, with an easy to find reorder button at the bottom.

Search and filter

There is s a lack of a search & filter option, so it's hard for customers to quickly find what they're looking for.


The new navigation at the bottom contains a search button, which gives access to a screen with a search function and filter options to filter by kitchen, price, delivery time and dietary needs.

Search and Filter
Animated Order Process

Order Process

Usability tests show that users do add items to their cart but do not complete the order process, because there are too many steps and the cart is hard to edit.


In the middle of the bottom navigation is an easy to find cart button. Each order is easy to edit and the number of steps are heavily reduced: select and edit order check order and payment details place order.

Artboards - Order Process

Full Order Process

Address Alert

When customers order food to the wrong location, they must contact customer service, causing delays and dissatisfaction. What can be added to the experience to prevent this?


The app automatically checks the current location and the specified address. If this doens't match, an alert box pops up with the possibility to either comfirm or change the address.

Address Alert
Order Status & Delivery Map

Order Status & Delivery Map

User survey shows that users would like realtime order updates. As a part of the order status, user would like to view the location and arrival time of their food.


The order status is visualised as a step by step process: order received preparing order out for delivery deliverd. The also is an interactive map where you can follow the route of the delivery real-time.


When aiming for increasing revenue, one of the most important things is to make sure the user doesn't get frustrated using your appliciation. Always try to make his life easier, by continuously keep on iterating the app. Small changes can lead to big differences. For example: when you're able to simplify the order process, it's more likely that not only the user will complete the order, but also will use your app again the next time.