Ordering food has never been so easy before.

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Eatery is a food delivery app that aimes for the most satisfying food ordering experience.


Design and prototype an improved version of the food delivery app.


UI/UX Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping


June 2019

User research indicates that there are several improvements needed, in order to optimize the user experience.

One of the main issues is that customers are having difficulty locating previous orders and there is a lack of a search and filter option.

Furthermore it's necessary to simplify the order process, because there are too many steps and the cart is hard to edit. Also a trigger alert is needed when the wrong address is selected and visualize the order status and progress with a delivery map experience.

Always try to make it the life of your users easier, by continuously keep on iterating your product.

When aiming for increasing revenue, one of the most important things is to make sure the user doesn't get frustrated using your appliciation. Always try to make his life easier, by continuously keep on iterating the app.

Small changes can lead to big differences. For example: when you're able to simplify the order process, it's more likely that not only the user will complete the order, but also will use your app again the next time.