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Helix Crypto Currency

A cutting edge cryptocurrency

Helix is a cutting edge, anonymized, state-of-the-art cryptocurrency. Helix make use of PoS and masternode technology, with unique features such as a decentralized e-commerce platform.

As a brand new company, helix needed a complete new website as well as a logo and brand identity.

Logo process

The double helix is typical shape which is can be used perfectly as a monogram. Since a double helix is DNA and it consits of cells, I have also used a hexagonal cell as a shape for the monogram and logo.

Helix Logo Concept
Helix Logo Concept

Corporate Guidelines

Here below you can see the guidelines for using the fonts and colors. I've chosen the Nunito font family, since this is a well balanced, rounded sans serif typeface. The sans serif gives everything a modern feel and the roundness of the font pairs nicely with the curvy shape of a helix. I've kept the colors really basic and minimalistic, since this is mainly a typographic website.

Helix Fonts
Helix Colors

Responsive design

The mobile experience is of course always a little different compared to the desktop experiece, but it still has to make the user feel the same emotions.

Whichever device is being used, this website is fully responsive and always keeps the same features, content and animation styles.

Helix Desktop Design
Helix Responsive Design
Helix Responsive Design

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