The online store for all the pet supplies you'll ever need.

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PetShopToys is a pet supply company which is aiming for the best online shopping experience.


Create an eCommerce platform with an efficient navigation and optimized mobile experience, in order to increase revenue.


UI/UX Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping


May 2019

A new beginning needs a fresh identity and a fresh logo.

For the new design direction the keywords fresh, clean, cute, lovable, warm and approachable came into mind. So I choose a clean font, fresh but warm colors and a composition of footprints to give it a the right amount of cuteness.

The high fidelity artboards.

The main goal is to increase revenue by generating turn over out of the new webshop. Most important apects are efficient navigation and a simplified purchase flow. Also the ability of running marketing campaigns are important, so you'll find these at the top of the webpage.

An impression of the website in action.

Starting with an impression of the homepage, the cart and ordering process, followed by a quick experience survey.