003. Rains / Year. 2021 / Role. UX/UI Design / Web Design / Prototyping

Contemporary rainwear

Rains is a contemporary rainwear lifestyle brand creating waterproof designs for the global citizen.

Influenced by its Scandinavian heritage, Rains practices an uncompromising approach to simplicity that is as equally rooted in functionality as it is in relevance.

Exactly this form of style and appearance is what I've tried to capture in this redesign.

Responsive design

One of the major challenges when designing for an eCommerce platform, is to make sure that functionality and accessibility are optimized throughout all platforms and devices.

Product presentation

Product presentation is everything, especially for an eCommerce platform. It's very important to immediatly grab the users attention, but at the same time to make sure that there's no overkill of visual effects or whatsoever.

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