Grow people grow sales.

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The key ingredient for your sales success is the development of your sales people.


Design and develop a brand identity and website


Brand Design, UI/UX Design, Web Development


September 2018

A new company means a new logo, brand identity and website.

Obviously, a moose serves as a base of the logo, so I made several sketches of a moose. The logo had to be modern but also classic, 'warm' and not too clean.

That's why we finally chose the current logo. You can also notice an upward direction in the antlers. This is representing the growth you'll see in the payoff 'grow people - grow sales'.

Fonts, colors and examples of the photography.

For the typography I have used the same typeface as used in the logo, the Futura PT.

I have combined this with sophisticated, elegant, yet powerful colors, so that the brand has a distinguished but modern look and feel.

With a mobile first aproach the website is optimized for the mobile experience.

Of course the mobile experience is always a little different compared to the desktop experiece, but it still has to make sure that the user experiences the same emotions.

Whichever device is being used, the website always keeps the same features, content and animation styles.

Final thoughts.

SalesMoose is developing and growing as a company, attracting and succefully helping more & more clients and they even moved to a larger office in the city center.

Of course this is mainly because of the quality they deliver and they focus they have on their business process, but I'm happy to be a part of this growth. A new fase is entering and that also means a renewed website. To be continued...