Client: Babs Bone Broth

Type: UX+UI Design

Year: 2022

To help Babs Bone Broth futher grow it's company, I helped them out with a full UX/UI redesign of their eCommerce website. This included a full redesign of the checkout flow, with a genaral focus on usability and CRO improvements.

Only good bones, herbs, a kettle, water and fire. No shortcuts, pills, powders or weird additives.

Through it's eCommerce platform, Babs offer traditional foods that you’ll fall in love with. Every product they make is designed to be both food as medicine that you can experience.

Food products that you can easily cook with in whichever way you want, seamlessly adding them to your daily routine, enriching your diet and offering your body a wealth of nutrition.

Fasting with Babs bone broths offers remarkable health benefits. It gives your body a chance to reset, relax and restorein a way you can see and feel.

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