008. Salesmoose / Year. 2019 / Role. UX/UI / Brand Design / Web Development

Grow people grow sales

SalesMoose is a one of a kind training program for sales people of every level and experience. The key ingredient for your sales success is the development of your sales people.

SalesMoose offers advanced methodologies, expertise and development programs that truly deliver measurable results. Their premise is to challenge the traditional market of sales training and coaching by combining science based insights and blended sales development programs.

Mobile impression
At SalesMoose it's all about people
Brand colors
The brand colors, refined and sophisticated
SalesMoose logo
The antlers have an upwards direction, representing growth
Salesmoose brand stamp

A mobile first approach /

Of course the mobile experience is always a little different compared to the desktop experiece, but it still has to make sure that the user experiences the same emotions.

Whichever device is being used, the website always keeps the same features, content and animation styles.

Mobile navigation animation
Mobile screens impression
Desktop pages impression
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