Client: Prénatal

Type: UX/UI Design

Year: 2021

During 6 months I was part of the eCommerce team, as Lead UX/UI designer. Together we were responsible for major improvements to the Product Detail Page, the checkout flow, category filters and the inventory overview. Which all together led to higher conversion rates and a higher turnover.

At Prénatal you will find everything you'll ever need for you & your baby.

With maximum customer satisfaction as the most important goal, Prénatal makes (upcoming) parenting and shopping easier, more fun & more comfortable.

We did some major improvements on the buybox. We redesigned it completly, in order to offer better and more uncluttered overview to the customer. We left everthing out that formed a distraction, in greater or lesser extent.

I also came up with a solution to combine several functionalities into one single slide out panel. Things like size charts, availabilty notifications and stock quantity all took up their own space in the buy box. Now they don't anymore.

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